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Northern Delaware VE Testing Team

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Ham Radio Exams 2020

No Reservations Needed

For those needing special accommodations, additional sessions, or special sessions (i.e. CAP, Scouts, HAM class, etc.), please contact Robbie immediately. He is more than happy to work with you
Needed at Test Session:
  1. Two (2) forms of ID are required, one must be a photo ID
  2. Any original licenses and/or CSCEs must be presented along with a printed copy of new licenses
  3. Cash or checks for $14.00, made payable to: W5YI-VEC No credit or debit cards accepted
  4. A pen and sharpened pencils and, if desired, a non-programmable calculator. You may not use a cell phone, tablet, pda, or other programmable device!
  5. Phone numbers and email adresses are absolutely required on the NCVEC 605 forms. You cannot receive your license without a valid email, and we must be able to contact you via phone in case of errors or missing information
  6. FCC Reference number is required by the FCC on NCVEC 605 forms, due to federal regulation. You can register for an FRN (FCC Reference Number) under "helpful links."Obtain an FRN:

Your social security number can no longer be used on our paperwork.

MonthDay MonthDay
January 4 July 4
February August
March 7 September 5
April October
May 2 November 7
June December

All VE test sessions start at 9:00 AM local time. No examinees accepted after 10:00 AM local time

Christiana Hospital Robbie McCray W3RSM
Room 1303 (Meeting room in Cafe)
4755 Ogletown-Stanton Road (302)394-9968
Newark, DE ♦ 19718
(302) 733-1000
If no answer, please leave a message with the best time to call back.
Please direct exam-related questions to the coordinator, not the hospital. Email is the best line of communication